We are in a new age of technical advancement and the old ways of defense and global security are inefficient and top heavy, advocating more war and civil unrest than they do security. Our vision is that the best way to secure a neighborhood is to educate, train, and give law abiding citizens the tools necessary to protect themselves and their community; rather than leaving it in the hands of an outside force, sometimes unfamiliar and insensitive to the people they are charged with protecting.

We hope that our devices will represent self accountability and provide insurance to those who need to defend themselves or others in a violent scenario we are finding unfortunately all too common these days.

We, at Justifire Technologies, first want to thank this incredible nation for allowing us the opportunity to follow our dreams. Our love of America and appreciative nature for the protectors of its people, and those who have instinctually preserved American liberties, have guided us, and given us the strength and courage to further this technology, We stand behind Justifire’s patent approved-military grade ecosystem for “the People”, in hopes that we inspire community willing to contribute to the preservation of life, liberty, and happiness, and not to those, benefiting from taking away the scarce freedoms we may have left.

We are beyond excited to set forth on this mission, and invite any interested individuals to set aside some time and check out our patent and every detail published in these pages. Where we lay out in incredible detail, JUSTIFIRE roadmap.

We believe freedom is a pillar in the evolution of mankind and acts as a measure of this world’s greatness. Which is why we have made it our duty to lay the foundation for the first digital nation, founded on the American principles of liberty and justice. That’s right, a real live blockchain ecosystem. Product connecting the community, community protecting the people, and the people preserving and protecting world peace.

Many of you will ask why we chose to have our product design compatible with firearms, and our answer is a complex one. We hope one day peace will prevail in our lifetime.

We are the People. The Co Founder of Liberty. Protectors of Freedom. Equalizers.

We are a mixed team of engineers, veterans, developers, designers, specialists and thought leaders whose goal it is to create a device that can truly empower and protect the rights of all citizens under the United States Constitution. We are here to globalize the world with liberty and blockchain.

Click below to view Justifire® letters of intent from numerous companies and agencies who have shown interest in piloting Justifire® devices.